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marmonner le sourire

most of them have the 'untrained eye.'

【不二 亜助】 & eccentricity.
14 February
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It's a pleasure to meet you.

I do like meeting new people because people are very interesting not only that but they can be special to me so I enjoy meeting and talking to nice people but I don't know about girls because I admit I'm rather shy around most females not that I don't find them really nice although I ask everyone who speaks to me to have patience because I admit also that I do have a lot to say and you should listen to me ..

Full name: Fuji Atasuke. (不二亜助)
Nicknames: Tensai-ko. (天才子 This nickname surfaced while still at Seishun Gakuen as Atasuke followed closely in his father's footsteps.) Usually used by his close friends, and some classmates. Other than that, Atasuke doesn't really like nor attract nicknames. (Other assorted references that had been made to him have been: "Mumbler", "Eccentric", "Smiling kid.")
Birthday: February 14th. (Valentine's Day.)
Birthplace: Kyoto, Japan.
Location: Tokyo, Japan.
Star sign: Aquarius.
Age: Fourteen.
Height: 5'3". (Yes he is quite short.)
Weight: 110LBs.
Blood type: O (positive)
Hair colour: Light brunette. (Kept boyishly cut with simple bangs and very straight in texture. Atasuke isn't crazy about styling his hair.)
Eye colour: Sharp sapphire blue.
Background: Half Japanese, half Italian. (Due to southern Italian blood, Atasuke's complexion resembles more of a blended olive.)
Dominant hand: Right.
Relatives: Fuji Yumiko (birth mother; deceased), Dante Costello (birth father, currently a traveling Italian photographer), Fuji Syusuke (adoptive father; professional tennis player), Fuji [Ibu] Shinji (other adoptive father figure), Fuji Ringo (elder brother)
Favourite food: Peppers. Atasuke adores spicy pepper dishes. Mainly rice and red peppers, but he will eat mainly any pepper dish you throw in front of him. Like Fuji, Atasuke can handle spicy dishes.
Favourite colours: Ultramarine, blue, light brown (beige.)

Atasuke likes: Tennis, ice-skating, learning new things, observing, having a weird sense of humour, spices, herbs, green tea, light colours, training, serious opponents, challenges, cherry cheesecake, quiet days, spending time with his family, collecting.

Atasuke hates: Flies, most days when it rains, arrogant people, people who underestimate him, rudeness, sleeping in late, too much noise, being left alone, being kept awake, no activity, needles, crows.

Elementary school: Momoya Elementary School (Kyoto)
Middle school: Seishun Gakuen. (Tokyo)
High school: Meisei Gakuen.
Currently: Meisei Gakuen.
Year: One. (Freshman)
Class: 1-B.
Favourite subjects: Art, English, Computer design.
Club(s): Tennis, Photographer for Ohayou Meisei!

Play style: What is known about Atasuke's current play style: is he enjoys pushing his opponents to their limit, to see the farthest extent of their abilities. Atasuke does not like playing matches in which his opponents hold back. Not particularly one to focus on winning a match, Atasuke is quite content with merely playing the game, and playing the game well. Atasuke adores tennis over anything, his heart is focused on the positive feelings the game brings out in him and learning the important lessons about himself and his rivals during and after every match. He usually will smile after every game he plays, bowing his head to his opponent and saying: 'Very interesting.'

Personality traits - Superb thinker / Good team player but one who must have personal freedom / Works very effectively within a large group / Hates to feel fenced in / Aloof and detached at rare unreachable times / More emotionally involved with work than with people / Strong leader and an organiser / Thrive on change and managing the unexpected / Always ahead of time, viewed by a lot of people as being different and unusual / Doesn't mind being labeled at all / VERY VERY VERY MUCH A WEIRDO! / Friendly and sociable / Known to have a wide circle of friends / Values friendship very much, very happy with finding friends that share common ideas and interests / Heightened intellectual faculties / Clear thinking / Cool, rational / Respectful / Soft-spoken.

Trademark traits - Obsessive mumbling (due to his constant imitation as a child) / Always smiling (mix of imitation and extreme optimism.)

Independent and progressive. Being young and wielding an individualistic nature -- Atasuke bounds himself to live a special and somewhat different lifestyle. Although he can relate to all kinds of people regardless of their life direction or interests, he is not likely to be influenced into following in their footsteps. Influenced by ideas and routines perhaps, but Atasuke strives to make everything he does his -own-.

Gifted with powerful emotions, Atasuke does not usually express himself completely. He is at times awkward, and bottles his emotions up -- but when they are expressed they are expressed in extreme ways. Possessive and protection of the people he loves, there is nothing Atasuke would not do in honour of his friends ans family. Atasuke can become restless, but is quick to bounce back. Ambitious for progress, but he will be patient and ready to build slowly and carefully to achieve all of his ambitions.

Atasuke is .. well a weirdo. Everything he does has a sense of abnormality to it from the way he stands, to the way he speaks and carries himself. The type of teenager to find everything he does perfectly normal, and thing it is strange when somebody looks at him funny or asks him an odd question. He's the type of person to stand there and argue that the sky isn't blue, but red. An interesting boy, he's one to keep an eye on.

1. Music History 2. Japanese History 3. Japanese Literature 4. Alegbra
5. Italian 6. Volleyball 7. Biology 8. Home Economics (cooking)

stop, read this!
'marmonner' means 'mumbler' in French. Fuji Atasuke belongs to me. Not you, me. Do not alter him or involve him in anything. Also, Atasuke's seiyuu is Satou Yuko. Okay? Okay.